The dictionary meaning of fashion is that (Dresses, behaviour, thought etc.,) which is considered most to be admired or imitated during a period or at a place. But the fashion may or may not be applicable to all. What is fashion at one time and one place need not be so at the same time at the other place. It is different from culture in that it is more in dynamic in terms of change than the culture. Or shall we say the ‘culture’ of fashion is ‘changing frequently’. The term fashion is used both in the positive and negative sense. The current popular trends is expressed when something is referred to as fashionable or unfashionable. Everything in the life from architecture to technology and every human being has fashion. Perhaps, it is the fashion of the fashion-haters not to accept the trends of fashion.

Fashion for men is as much needed as it is for women. Men’s fashion includes their clothing, hair style, their look, their food habit, talking nature etc. What make a man more fashionable are not just his dresses, not just his talking, not just his mannerisms etc. a combination of these things makes a man more fashionable. An unfashionable guy is not liked by his counterparts, who are fashionable. In fact, the changing trends in the fashion world make it very difficult to keep pace with the developments.

Make-up is an important aspect in human’s life. Everybody wants to look good. Every human being has beauty in him/her. This is because no two human beings look alike. Make-up is an art which enhances one’s look and thereby the beauty. Make up is as essential for men as it is for women. By using make-up, people show their age reduced to a great extent and the old look younger.

The art of make-up is more used in cinema than in real life. In fact, people take the cue of make-up from the recent movies. As an art, make-up is well exploited in the movies. Hollywood is not an exception to this. Hollywood make-up secrets are not secrets but well known to everybody. There are lot of books, video clippings and websites about Hollywood make-up secrets. More often than not, make-up creates the fashion. The movie-goers, particularly the youngsters, follow the make-ups or the dressing ways of the hero or heroine of a particular movie. The trend of fashion is thus set.

In earlier days, people dressed just for the sake of dressing or covering their body. But slowly with the development of culture the way people started dressing changed. They started showing more interest in their dressing. New materials were found out for dressing. The new materials started giving way for new forms or trends and thus, started the advent of designing clothes.

Now, designer clothing is a common name everywhere. Under designer clothing, dresses are designed in a new way keeping in mind the current fashion and trends. The newly designed dresses are marketed. Big textile companies use this for easy marketing of their products. Usually the designed dresses are advertised in leading magazines, papers, video clippings with the help of models and cine stars to catch the attention of the public. Then the fabrics are easily sold. Considering the latest trends in the design technology, it is designer clothing at wholesale. This form of sales promotion has made many textile companies reach other countries for sale.

If god makes the human being born on this world, it is the fashion that makes them looking good. Though everybody is born with same features everybody does not look good with some people being short and some being tall. Though every human being is given equal opportunity for looking good, only some people take efforts in making them look good. Looking good is a good trait because people like good things. A good looking person attracts easily others than an ordinary looking person. The fire of friendship catches immediately on looking good. It can be said of both men and women. The modern day dressings and makeup create fashion, which ultimately make people look good.

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Vertical Vegetable Gardens Offer Health Benefits and Increased Self-Sufficiency to City Dwellers

Do you live in the city and would love to have a vegetable garden, but are constrained by a small garden space? If you really want to grow your own fresh vegetables, then there is an answer for you. You may want to plant a vertical vegetable garden right there in your small area. A vertical vegetable gardening can easily produce as much vegetables as a normal garden.

Remember, you don’t need to limit yourself to only growing outdoor vertical gardens. While caring for a vegetable garden in your apartment or other confined area could be a little tricky, it’s not impossible and very rewarding. Gardening indoors will allow you to grow vegetables that aren’t found in your region’s climate, offer you better variety to choose from when planting. It has also been demonstrated that live plants can improve the air quality in small spaces. While it maybe necessary to have proper ventilation to prevent any possible odors, others felt that they can breathe better and are generally calmer because of the refreshing oxygen emitted by your plants.

Vertical vegetables gardens are not a new ideal however at times they are mistaken with a living wall. Since both living walls and vertical vegetable gardens could be used for producing vegetables and fruits, living walls are more focused on beauty than production of food. This form of gardening could be done either in your apartment or in your small backyard garden.

In vertical gardening you train the vegetable plants to grow upwards. They have designed specific structures that contain the entire garden within a small area. With the proper frames and cross shelving setups, you will find it’s rather simple to train your plants to grow vertically.

There are ready-made vertical gardening kits you can buy that will eliminate the guess-work in constructing your setup, however if you want to you can do-it-yourself route. If you decide on a DIY method, be sure that the design structure you”re using to build your vertical vegetable garden is capable of holding the materials, soil, water, and the plants you want to grow in your garden as well as the vegetables it will produce. While you can find detail information online as to the weights of the different parts to your new garden. We have found that such ready-made kits can often save a lot of time – not only with setup, but also they prevented lost “growing” time that you may encounter with wilted plants that did not get the proper amounts of water or soil.

If you decided to build an indoor vertical vegetable garden, spend some time looking for the ideal location, as your plants will need enough sunlight to thrive. If you are in the city area where large buildings block most of the natural light coming from your patio or windowsills, you will need to buy lamps that produced specific light to help in growing plants and vegetables.

If you want a true organic garden, you will want to research how you can apply composting ways to the soil used in your vertical gardens. A proper drainage system is important, as well as good air circulation (whether indoors or out). NASA scientists have researched a variety of vertical gardening methods, which suggest that the supplies and processes of how to grow vegetables and herbs vertically will continue to get better with advance technology. While large grid systems and advanced hydroponic watering techniques may not offer possible solutions for your cement porch, we can use the concepts and the ideas they create and can scale them down to fit our own needs.

It would be good to stick to some simple steps to make sure your success as you begin to learn how to work with your space and your climate restrictions when you grow your first garden. For starters, consider growing peas, green beans, cucumber, squash, lima plants, and tomatoes, as they are great climbing plants in nature. As you become more comfortable you can grow other types of vegetables in your vertical garden.

Also, be sure you have the supplies you’ll need before planting your garden. This is important for plants that need vertical support, because seeds begin germinating almost immediately and it is best not to disturb the dirt by adding supports at a later time. Also make sure that your vertical vegetable garden is not entwined with shrubs or other plants that may divert water away from your plants or block out their sunlight. Once again, after some time, these issues may not be of a primary concern, as a beginner looking to start their first vertical garden you should keep these issues in mind.

Vegetable and herb gardening has always been known to offer “green” ways to lower environmental footprint, but those opportunities has been limited by space and region. Fortunately, with the new fun trend of vertical vegetable gardening, those who live in urban area can enjoy a similar level of increased self-sufficiency as they raise their own, healthy, fresh grown vegetables.

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